This one was all sorts of fun. And to be honest, it’s way more than the usual ten minutes I get with an artist.

I had the opportunity to visit with vocalist Matt Berninger of The National. Matt is about to release his debut solo album. In addition to taking over the Sunday September 20th edition of The Other Studio (and discussing the songs and artists he has shared with us), we spoke about his upcoming release produced by the legendary musician Booker T. Jones.

We had a wide ranging discussion concerning The National, his experience making this new album Serpentine Prison, working with Booker T. Jones and much more, including the nature of this thing called “indie-rock” and his love of Built To Spill.

I found Matt to be charming, engaging and super easy to chat with.

Big thanks to Matt for his time and our friends at Concord Records for making this possible.


Here is the link to Matt’s playlist he made for his “Other Studio” takeover.

Here is the link to Matt’s Covid 19 playlist that we discuss in the interview.

And here are the songs which have been released so far from Matt’s album.

Matt Berninger: “One More Second”


Matt Berninger: “Distant Axis”


Matt Berninger: “Serpentine Prison”

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