Years ago I caught up with Kolars when they played at Treefort, working people into a frenzy. I told them to let us know when they’re in town, and we would try and do a session. It was great to get a text from Lauren, saying they were heading back! Tim wasn’t sure at first not knowing them, and I think I came down with a major pout and continued to ask nearly every other day. Luckily, he trusted me on this one and actually loved it!

Here’s a cover of a Neutral Milk Hotel song. Tim was so excited!

Kolars admired our signed wall in the hallway, and stopped to say how much they love St. Motel. They also shared admiration for The Shook Twins, and we all commented how we love them and miss the Golden Egg they used to play.

They had a great time at the McKenzie River Belknap Hot Springs before heading to Boise. I encouraged them to head to Idaho City, but they weren’t sure they would have time.

Lauren commented on how at first, she just learned some tap dancing on drum. Later, she started drumming and had to just watch Rob’s butt to figure out what tempo to play!

Thank you to Kolars for sharing a session with us. Lauren is looking forward to more videos and new outfits! Our session was a bit quieter than they are used to, so we could separate the drums from vocals. Catch them on stage 11/15 at Olympic Venue, you’re about to see some amazing energy!


X AMBASSADORS- 1PM November 16th


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